You’ve got the brand. We’ve got the look.

A strong sense of aesthetics is more than just a part of us. It’s in our DNA. 

Not only because PROFASHIONAL founder and creative director Rebecca Rupcic is a former stylist and editorial insider of German VOGUE but also because every single one of us simply loves beautiful things. And by ‘things’ we mean design, architecture, pattern, accessories, art, character…etc. 

We are passionate about details, as we believe they add that certain something to the big picture – whether that’s a print ad, a TVC or a complex multi channel campaign. Our forward-thinking attitude lets us create imagery which makes brands stand out from the crowd. Because if there is one thing fashion and advertising have in common, it is that it’s all about to see and to be seen.

And as in today’s world being seen also means being clicked and shared, social media is one of the various communication fields we increasingly focus on. 

You want integrated solutions, efficient full service & unique content?

Meet the agency to make your brand look awesome!


Rebecca Rupcic

Managing & Creative Director

Marina Präger

Head of Production

Christin Bettinghaus

Head of Art Buying

Katrin Schlotterhose

Head of Social Media

Jan-Philip Maas

Post Producer

Nikolina Micic

Digital Consultant

Sandra Jakisch

Film Director

Mia Leifheit

Junior Producer

Lisa Pollmann

Junior Producer & Creative

Sabrina Hubert

Creative Consultant

Berenice Kortsik

Office & Projects Manager